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Choosing the correct interior is one of the most important decisions when renovating or resurfacing your pool. The correct colour will not only compliment the pool surrounds but will create that spectacular inviting appeal, which will add impact to your entire entertaining area.

Factors to consider when selecting an interior are texture, colour and durability. So that's why we are ready to expand on your ideas, help you with colour choices and most of all, listen to your needs.

Nova Pool Renovations specialise in interiors such as:

  • Jewels 4 Pools
  • NZ Sky Pebble with pure white cement with optional blue/green glass chip.
  • Aussie white pebble.
  • Gold pebble.
  • 1mm Pebblesheen.
  • Combinations of Aussie white pebble, gold pebble and black pebble.
  • All Pebblecrete interiors.
  • Marble sheen and painting.

There are only a few pebblecreters that supply and applicate pebblecrete interiors with pure white cement, that is pool safe. We do not combine the pure white cement with any other cement, but provide you with 100% pure white cement that is pool safe.


Pool InteriorsPool Interiors
Pool InteriorsPool Interiors


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